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Author  Hitesh Patel, ITIL Implementation Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Author at Learning Tree International

May 5, 2016 |

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What is ITIL Practitioner and how does it complement existing ITIL accreditations?

ITIL® Practitioner is an addition to the ITIL portfolio and, ultimately, it helps professionals who’ve completed any level of ITIL training from Foundation onwards to develop the skills they need to adopt and adapt the best practice guidance.

As well as giving learners the “how” it helps them demonstrate practical applications within their organization and start their journey to become an expert.

What will I learn in ITIL Practitioner?

For most learners, ITIL Practitioners’ guiding principles will be new information. These nine principles are at the heart of the accreditation and give professionals the structure to tackle any improvement they’re making.

The accreditation also explores core critical competencies for handling any change. These could be, for example, tackling emotional response to change, communications planning and key measurements for success. There’s also a really valuable toolkit of materials for people to use in their organization.

How specifically does ITIL Practitioner help with Service Design?

During my presentation, I focused specifically on Service Design as one little piece of the ITSM pie and considered some particular roles and the challenges teams might face in this area.

An IT/Service Architect, for example, could find designing and measuring KPIs a challenge, whereas a Service Level Manager will find handling different customer perceptions important.

Through the ITIL Practitioner qualification, professionals in these roles will find guidance they can adopt and adapt to meet these, or any other, challenges that they may encounter within their organization. While I focused on Service Design, the theory is just as relevant to any of the other five stages.

Who should take the ITIL Practitioner accreditation?

Absolutely anyone within IT service management will benefit from ITIL Practitioner; as long as they’ve completed ITIL Foundation it’s right for them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just trained on the basics or want to become an expert.

ITIL Practitioner is a complementary and independent qualification, so it’s as relevant for someone managing 100 people as it is for someone just doing their role.

For more information, see our Service Design and ITIL Practitioner sections and see our ITIL Practitioner Global Summit webinars page to watch all of the sessions from the event.

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