ITIL® 4 and DevOps White Paper

October 2020

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Many IT&SM professionals face the constant ITIL versus DevOps argument. Some believe that the two approaches are too different and therefore cannot be used together. However, this paper will explore the differences between the two approaches, as well as how they complement each other and how they can be used together for better business outcomes. 

This paper will explore how IT&SM professionals and DevOps professionals, need to work together to realize the potential behind both approaches, to create better business outcomes. This can be achieved by realizing that although they are different, there are many areas where both approaches complement each other. 

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10 Nov 2020 Taylor Herlihy
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@Thomas, @Claudia, @Roger
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26 Nov 2020 Joy Patel
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It gives understanding of the concepts of ITIL 4 and DevOps and the alignment between the two approaches. Also learn the integration of DevOps and ITIL.
2 Dec 2020 matin yadi
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I need this document
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