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M_o_R: The Management of Risk

Identify and control the impact of risk on your organization’s objectives

The modern organization is faced with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. M_o_R (Management of Risk) helps you and your organization identify, assess, and control risk at the strategic, programme, project, and operational levels.

The M_o_R guidance shows you how the principles, processes, and techniques can be embedded, reviewed, and applied to your work practices by considering the nature of the objectives at risk. It allows you to make informed, effective decisions about the use of resources and initiating change.

Key benefits

  • Better management of unplanned threats and opportunities
  • Used as a ‘how to’ guide for risk management
  • Improve service delivery
  • Reduce waste and fraud, and increase value for money
  • Stronger contingency management.

Purpose of the Foundation Certification

The Foundation certification will give you sufficient knowledge and understanding to contribute to the identification, assessment and control of risks across the organization, including how the four elements of the M_o_R framework support corporate governance.

See the M_o_R Foundation page for more information.

Purpose of the Practitioner Certification

The Practitioner certification allows you to demonstrate you have an understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a practical context. You should be able to start applying an M_o_R-based risk management approach to any organization challenge.

See the M_o_R Practitioner page for more information.

Examination Languages

The M_o_R Foundation, Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration examinations are available in the following languages:

  • Dutch (Foundation only)
  • English (all examinations)
  • German (Foundation only)
  • Polish (all examinations)
  • Romanian (Practitioner and Practitioner Re-registration only)