ITIL®: The Basics

Valerie Arraj, Compliance Process Partners LLC ©

July 2013

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This white paper explains exactly what ITIL is and why an organization would want to engage with it. An outline of the benefits involved in using ITIL is also included.

This white paper is also available to download in Chinese, Dutch and French.

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6 Apr 2016 Airton Almeida
Alternate text
The article is written as an advertisement and provides very little information to the reader. As a ITIL Basics article it should at least explain the acronym and few basic concepts and benefits that the adopters may have.

If it was an answer to an ITIL Manager Exam (v2) it would have failed.
19 Sep 2018 Miguel Ortiz
Alternate text
Thank you very much for share knowledge
18 Jan 2019 Detlef Bäumer
Alternate text
A fiew basics - good explained. Thanks!
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