The eight-field model White Paper

Paul Wilkinson

July 2017

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The eight-field model can be used to scope and manage the return on value of a learning intervention or training initiative.

The eight-field model is based upon the ‘achtvelden model’ from Kessels and Smit. The description here uses different terminology to the original model. It also includes several changes which were made with the benefit of the experience of numerous ITSM improvement initiatives.

This paper examines and explains both sides of the model and its purpose.

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3 Nov 2017 Caspar Miller
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Brilliant. Managers and course participants alike learning from this white paper will make all the difference between a 'strategic asset' and applying the knowledge gained from a course to add value.
If [ITIL] is the solution, what is the problem?
23 May 2019 Roger Purdie
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This paper also supports the premise that the selected trainer needs to have the skills to actually ask and elicit answers to those questions (pain points, different behaviour) in a consultative manner.

They must then manage the expectation of the audience, if any of the answers are not in line with the training; and for those that are continually refer back and confirm.
19 Feb 2020 Mr Fabulous
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Great to remind us about this Paul! It's so simple and easy to use!

This is written almost three years ago. I see a challenge here! There is another group that has to change behavior before customers and students...ATO's, trainers and consultants! The training industry often have a rather short term look at training - "lets get as many people through this course before the hype is over!" We will make tons of money!!

If we change our behavior as trainers and work on more long term goals together with our customers, we might also change the way our customers look at training and certification and start using the eight filed model...and maybe...we get more than 10-15% that has created real value from their training initiatives...and maybe...both our customers and we make even more money, who knows ;-)

But change is so hard, let's just stick with measuring how many we can get through the certification process and do what we have always done...
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