Using ITIL® and PRINCE2® Together


August 2010

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Setting up service desks in offshore locations is big business. There are various drivers behind such efforts. Some are pure cost savings. Others are to attain quality improvements by leveraging superior language or business skills available in the new location. Some projects can be extremely emotive, and all are certainly challenging projects that need to be handled with care.

PRINCE2 supporting ITIL
ITIL supporting PRINCE2
Weaknesses of combining PRINCE2 and ITIL
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3 Mar 2019 Surendran T
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Nice approach. Effective combining ITIL practices and Project Management principles would give all the IT projects a better outcome.
5 Mar 2019 Enrico Bottone
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Service settings with ITIL procedure and Project handling with Prince 2 Methodology allow key benefits despites possible conflicts. It’s depends on ability to well adapt best practice to make synergies.
8 Jul 2019 Vijay
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Operational projects can be managed by stages and is clearly mentioned in this case study.
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