AXELOS launches initiative to leverage ITIL® in supporting organization-wide service management

  • 23 April 2015
AXELOS launches initiative to leverage ITIL<sup>®</sup> in supporting organization-wide service management


Today AXELOS launched a new initiative, aimed at enabling organizations to leverage ITIL to enhance the business value of service management capabilities beyond the framework’s traditional use in IT. The initiative aims to collect and share the good practices from organizations across the world to demonstrate how ITIL can and has been successfully adapted and adopted to more than just IT service management.

The use of the ITIL framework to manage services in non-IT environments is not a new phenomenon; many organizations have been reaping the rewards of using ITIL in other areas of the business for many years. This exercise therefore aims to ensure this knowledge and expertise is captured and shared - enabling organizations all over the world to enhance their service management capabilities.

AXELOS has been exploring this concept for some time - and is now looking to involve partners and the wider service management community to further study and fully understand the intricacies of how ITIL is being used as an enabler across the business. It will also explore other service management industries that can add to the body of good practice. AXELOS will test and retest the collective findings of this exercise and then develop pragmatic, easy-to-use guidance and case studies to help organizations leverage ITIL in supporting service management across the business.

Peter Hepworth, AXELOS CEO, said “Our work on organization-wide service management demonstrates our continued commitment to developing global best practice for value-added application within organizations. ITIL is already being adopted to bring improved service management to disciplines and environments outside of IT and this exercise is the first step towards expanding this and realizing the full potential of organization-wide service management.”

Kaimar Karu, AXELOS Head of ITSM, said “ITIL will continue to evolve and improve to serve the developing needs of the service management community. This initiative is one example of AXELOS recognizing community feedback and exploring opportunities within best practice. We will work with partners to research and build practical guidance that will bring demonstrable value to organizations. There are many good examples of lean thinking, organization-wide collaboration (e.g. the DevOps philosophy) and customer-centricity in the service management industry, and we strongly believe it is important to understand and explain the context of good practice, and the ‘why’ behind success.”

To get involved with this initiative, get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected].

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