AXELOS publishes ‘Whaling for Beginners 2’, the next instalment of its dramatic cyber wake-up call for business leaders and executives

AXELOS publishes ‘Whaling for Beginners 2’, the next instalment of its dramatic cyber wake-up call for business leaders and executives


AXELOS has launched ‘Whaling for Beginners 2: Reputations’, the second instalment of its dramatized account of a cyber-attack on the CEO of a successful organization.

The serial novella is designed to lift the lid on one of the greatest risks faced by boardrooms around the world and to provide real insights into what it feels like for a business leader to experience a cyber-attack. In addition, Whaling for Beginners highlights the challenges of controlling the negative impacts on their reputation and competitive advantage.

Many boardrooms and senior executives strive for the insight and intelligence they require to make informed decisions around their cyber risks. Yet cyber risk is a relatively unknown factor for most. It’s also a complex risk to manage effectively that can have catastrophic impacts. So how does Whaling for Beginners help the boardroom understand one of the greatest risks they face?

Board directors typically use storytelling and simple narratives to understand and explain complex challenges. Whaling for Beginners follows Jim Baines, the CEO of a US packaging firm, as he comes to realize just how close to home cyber-attacks can strike. With the future of his firm suddenly hanging in the balance, he has to quickly learn why he was targeted and how he and his team should respond. There are many lessons that can be learnt by those at the top of any organization from this modern day thriller.

Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS, comments: “Jim’s story is fiction that has turned to reality for all too many business leaders. This new instalment of Whaling for Beginners continues to illustrate just how real the impacts of a successful cyber-attack can be on personal and corporate reputations. It tells the human, rather than just the technical, story of what it means to be a business leader having to deal with a potentially catastrophic crisis.

“The feedback we’ve received to the first book has been fantastic ­– we look forward to continuing to use storytelling to bring cyber risks to life and to help provide all employees with the awareness and insight they need to make the right decisions at the right time.”

Whaling for Beginners is available to purchase via the AXELOS and TSO websites.

See our RESILIA for more information about cyber resilience.

Whaling for Beginners - Books 1 and 2

Whaling for Beginners - Books 1 and 2

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