AXELOS updates on Continuing Professional Development

  • 19 September 2014
AXELOS updates on Continuing Professional Development

Following on from the recent article published in the latest ATO Advisory Council (AAC) newsletter, the AXELOS Transformation Team wish to provide an update to the wider community on a new, upcoming initiative that is currently in development.

Based on feedback from the community, AXELOS is currently working on a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) service to support the AXELOS Global Best Practice Portfolio including PRINCE2® and ITIL®.

The CPD programme will create and establish lifelong personal brand value by enabling individuals to stay current in their knowledge and protect the investment they have made in the AXELOS Global Best Practice qualifications. This best of breed service is designed to be truly customer centric - tailoring professional development to individual needs and allowing an individual to learn in a way that best suits them.

AXELOS CPD is also designed to serve organizations' development of employees in line with corporate objectives. The tools provided by CPD will ensure employees remain current in best practice capabilities, enabling organizations to attract and retain talented employees.

Supported by a clear career options guide and recognizing work completed outside the programme, AXELOS will facilitate individuals and organizations to manage ongoing learning through the community website and provide the provision of:

  • a new AXELOS status that individuals maintain to demonstrate currency of capability,
  • access to tools and content that supports individual and corporate professional development goals,
  • a portal for content providers to reach individuals and organizations in the education market.
    • Professional Experience
    • Training
    • Community
    • Self-study

Activities provided by Examination Institutes (EIs), Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and AXELOS Certified Partners in any of these areas can be logged by an individual towards achieving their AXELOS status.

The service will provide recognition for the different AXELOS products, however the overall service, processes, and model remain product agnostic. This will easily allow the CPD service to be attached to any new core products AXELOS develops in the future.

AXELOS are currently looking for pilot organizations and candidate groups to begin testing the CPD service on. If you have any potential clients or candidate groups who can support us with this exercise please contact us.

In the coming months we will be issuing more detailed information around the CPD service, as well as questionnaires to give you and candidates the opportunity to provide feedback.