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Making service governance work - the ITIL® advantage

  • 28 July 2015
  • ITIL, Service management, Stakeholder management
Adopting service governance is a major change to the way a company organizes itself.

ITIL® Practitioner: preparing you for the real world of ITSM

  • 23 July 2015
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI), IT Service Management (ITSM), ITIL, Training
I’ve got only two words to describe what I think about AXELOS’ ITIL Practitioner qualification: it’s huge.

The marriage between PRINCE2® and agile – An ATO’s view

  • 21 July 2015
  • Agile, Behaviour, Portfolio Management, PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, Programme Management, Project Management
It was the marriage they said could never happen but AXELOS has managed it.

Top 10 reasons why ITSM practitioners should welcome ITIL® Practitioner

  • 16 July 2015
  • Adopt and adapt, IT Service Management (ITSM), ITIL, Qualifications, Training
ITIL Practitioner is the last, missing piece of the jigsaw – it’s the qualification that will equip IT Service Management (ITSM...

PRINCE2 Agile™ - An ATO's Views

  • 14 July 2015
  • Agile, Best Practice, Methodologies, PRINCE2, Project management, Training
PRINCE2 Agile is long overdue. Though I’ve already been using PRINCE2® as a “wrapper” around agile methods, the rise of...

The top myths about PRINCE2® and agile methods

  • 09 July 2015
  • Agile, Collaboration, Frameworks, PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, Project and programme management (PPM), Project management
PRINCE2 is often taken as synonymous with the term “waterfall”. That’s a mistake with a number of implications.

A change is as good as…its management

  • 08 July 2015
  • Agile, Behaviour, Change Management, Management, Project and programme management (PPM), Vision
If your organization doesn’t change it will probably do one thing: atrophy. It’s not sustainable to remain the same - do that, and you...

Top questions in ITIL® training

  • 07 July 2015
  • Career Planning, Certification, Examinations, IT service management (ITSM), ITIL, Learning, Qualifications, Service Management
What are the ITIL training questions that a tutor hears from trainees time and again?

P3M3® v3.0 - a giant leap forward

  • 02 July 2015
  • Best practice, Change management, Frameworks, Management, Maturity models, P3M3, Project and programme management (PPM)
The new P3M3 v3.0 best practice guidance solves a number of issues present in its previous incarnations.

The AXELOS Consulting Partner Programme - and what it means to small consultancies

  • 01 July 2015
  • Best Practice, Maturity models
This year AXELOS launched the AXELOS Consulting Partner Programme which allows consulting organizations to enter into an official partnership with...
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