An Executive Guide to PRINCE2 Agile®

An Executive Guide to PRINCE2 Agile®


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Meeting customer requirements in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business world requires a flexible approach to project management. PRINCE2 Agile® offers a solution for forward-thinking organizations and individuals who are already benefiting from PRINCE2®. Providing guidance on how to combine agile methods with the highly regarded PRINCE2 project management method, this executive guide covers:

Taking advantage of PRINCE2’s inherent tailorability, PRINCE2 Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile delivery with the proven best practice framework of PRINCE2.

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Number of pages: 42
ISBN: 9780113315406
Dimensions: 140mm x 108mm
Price: £9.95
Format: Book
Publication Date: 31 Aug 2017
Availability: Available immediately
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Linda Kasperek 10 April 2018
I would suggest this book to be read as a high level. It gives you the baseline of how PRINCE2 can be used with Agile. Our organization is just starting to use Agile. I used this book as my starting ground to get familiar with Agile and some of the terms used with it. The book contains several diagrams that are very helpful.
Corinne Farrell 3 October 2018
An executive guide to the benefits of applying Prince2 with an agile approach to methods of delivery.
Willie Schoeman 4 January 2019
As Prince2 practitioner I completed this book by self studied within one day: this book created a high level understanding of Prince2 Agile and triggered the further need towards Prince2 Agile certification studies.
Alan Greenaway 3 June 2019
The book enabled a clear understanding of how PRINCE2 can be introduced to an immature 'Agile-only' environment to provide a better-governed hence more effective product development capability.
Paul Bloom 9 July 2019
A good concise summary which removes some of the myths around agile.
Dr. Kristina Birn 10 December 2019
I bought this guide from TSO already on 09/23/2019, but re-read it now.
It gave me a good overview over the main topics and ideas of PRINCE2 Agile and made me want to know more about it.
Colin Williams 6 January 2020
This guide is a good high level practical document to explain how agile can work in a Prince2 environment
Valeria de los Santos 27 January 2020
It's a quick overview to different subjects that are addressed in the Prince2 Agile methodology. I bring it with me constantly to my different assignments. Easy to read and easy to carry for backup and ideas.
Simon Window 28 January 2020
For anyone wanting an introduction to PRINCE2 Agile this is a great starting point and likely to lead to many conversations on how much Agile can benefit your project management approach.
Aman Puri 2 March 2020
This is a great refresher to understand Agile in a broad term.
Chipo Mwale 23 March 2020
It is important to put up systems that support innovation but still have people accountable to standards.
Joanna Hindash 10 April 2020
Very interesting read and a good place to begin laying the foundations in PRINCE2 Agile learning
Danielle Stevenson 17 August 2020
Great book to read through has helped me understand how AGILE can be used as an approach to Project Management
Shasi 14 September 2020
Useful high level reading but significant pre-read / post-read required for full understanding
Giulia Masci 11 November 2020
Reading the Executive Guide to PRINCE2 Agile has prompted many ideas on how processes could be adapted in my workplace to address the challenges of face paced or not fully scoped projects and the intention to widen the discussion with colleagues who are interested in similar topics. It is a starting point to develop more in depth study and further analysis, both in terms of process review and of practical applications.
Andrew Holland 7 December 2020
Really good book to read. Lots of examples where there is the possibility to use diagrams, methods etc in your organisation. This is a book which you can refer to regularly for quick reference.
amma antwi-yeboah 7 December 2020
Really good book to read. Lots of examples where there is the possibility to use diagrams, methods etc in your organisation. This is a book which you can refer to regularly for quick reference.
Cherif Aniss ANNABI 3 January 2021
PRINCE 2 agile shows how change can be managed effectively by using the PRINCE2 management controls, and quickly and flexibly using agile behaviours and techniques. This blended approach allows agility to be introduced while following the PRINCE2 principles of good corporate governance.