ITIL® Practitioner Guidance

ITIL® Practitioner Guidance


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ITIL® Practitioner Guidance is the essential reference text which accompanies AXELOS' ITIL Practitioner certification. Fully integrated with the ITIL Practitioner syllabus, this publication is also a practical guide that helps IT service management (ITSM) professionals turn ITIL theory into practice through case studies, worksheets, templates and scenarios.

The book assumes knowledge of ITIL and ITSM up to ITIL Foundation level, and begins with a discussion of the guiding principles of ITSM. It goes on to explain how these guiding principles are essential for ITSM and how they relate to philosophies, frameworks and methodologies such as DevOps, Lean and Agile.

The main changes in the second impression include:

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Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780113314874
Dimensions: 215X280mm
Price: £60.00
Format: Book
Publication Date: 25 Jan 2016
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Sue Hayward 9 May 2016
Like many ITSM professionals I possess a full set of ITIL ® Service Lifecycle manuals – a great resource and valuable for answering the “what?” and “why?” questions – what has been missing is the answer to “how”. For anyone who has ITIL® Foundation, Practitioner guides them through adopting and adapting iTIL® to fit their organisational needs, by gaining an understanding of the guiding principles and adopting a CSI approach, understanding metrics and measurements, using communication effectively, and managing organisational change – vital for improving the culture around ITSM. The handbook has a very useful Toolkit section with template, plans and information, much of which would be useful to any ITSM professional, ITIL® focussed or not. It’s a fixture on my desk.
Aaron Davis 9 May 2016
self study guide ahead of the course
Tanya Hayes 3 November 2016
I really appreciate the practical guidance and tools provided with the manual particularly around OCM. It fills a number of gaps for me between the ITIL manuals and courses and actually implementing strategies on site.
Steve Levinson 19 November 2016
Excellent information provided; great Reporting tools; and the Tool kit is awesome
Jared Faulkner 12 February 2018
Practitioner guidance was an excellent and practical guide for IT works with a special interest in CSI.
James Lord 19 February 2018
Throughout Q3 2017 I have been familiarising myself with the contents of the ITIL Practitioner Guidance, in order to support my review of the ITIL Practitioner live and sample materials. In addition I undertook further study of the text in order to support my studies for the ITIL Intermediate Module CSI. I feel that this has depended my understanding of ITIL Practitioner in general and the guiding principles in particular. Please note This refers to the first impression.
Thayne J Munson 24 October 2018
The Practitioners Guide is really helping me share knowledge with my team members and managers.
Jeffrey Jensen 2 November 2018
Taught ITIL Practitioner class to 20 students, utilizing book for reference and examples especially for toolkit items was very useful.
Joe 13 November 2018
Reading this book has helped me greatly whilst working through my ITIL Practitioner course. The Guiding principles seem like common sense after you apply them to most business scenarios.
Srdjan Stosic 22 November 2018
This is great book with practical examples and strong emphasis on customer value. It concludes with practical toolkit that is easy to use in daily work practice.
Walter Lamb 26 November 2018
The book is well written in an easy and functional format with great examples! A great learning tool.
Ian Thewlis 9 April 2019
This is an excellent book that shows a more real-world version of ITIL and how to use best practice at a proper organization with all the typical issues you will come across
Laavin 13 April 2019
The book is well written and practical in its approach to ITIL
Manu Shankar 18 June 2019
Going through Practitioner Guidance with sincerity really helped me feel like a practitioner.
Mareike Glanz 24 June 2019
Great Book with good guidance, also Provision templates for several questions as a Service Manager.
Aray Kaken 22 August 2019
ITIL Practitioner book is written in very structured way and easy to understand. It was really useful to find the ITIL Practitioner toolkit at the end of the book, which is a collection of templates examples that will be of assistance when adapting ITIL into everyday work practices.
Nicholas Van Dorp 17 June 2020
A good book and one of the most useful ITIL publications in my opinion, focussed on a pragmatic and common sense approach to Service Delivery.
Natalie Quach 2 September 2021
I am intending to take the Practitioner exam within the next two years so this book has furthered my understanding of what encompasses the ITIL practitioner exam