ITIL® Service Operation

ITIL® Service Operation


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The ITIL Service Operation stage of the ITIL framework highlights best-practice for delivering IT to meet agreed service levels for both business users and customers. ITIL Service Operation also includes the day-to-day management of technology needed to deliver and support services.

The efficient delivery of agreed services is essential to maintain business satisfaction and confidence in IT. It reduces the risk of service outages, and ensures that authorized levels of access are consistently available.

The guidance included in this publication describes the processes, technology, and activities required to deliver services, and also the people who control how practices are applied. It is relevant for any professional involved in the management of services, but particularly IT managers and practitioners, IT operations and support, service desk management and staff, technical management staff and application management personnel.

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Provides an excellent in-depth knowledge of ITIL Service Operations.
Superior quality content and material will help me as a reference through out my Digital Transformations career.
Judy Sanker, ITIL Expert 25 September 2017
I enjoy teaching the SO course, putting my 28 years of running services for Procter & Gamble, with teaching others how to integrate the philosophy and the experience in order to procide an actionable plan for my students.
Mikhail Mikhail 5 June 2020
More deeper infofrmation about SO processes, functions and activities.